Since its creation in the 1970’s, thanks to its constantly high-quality level of services, Plaisant established a solid presence as a specialized breeder and supplier of inbred and outbred rodents in the biomedical research field. After an initial phase of organization, planning, studying and specialization in the best European research institutes, Plaisant establishes its first breeding facility where foundation colony animals are imported directly (ZFV, Hannover) and begins to produce selected animals.

In 1982 Plaisant proposes itself again as an innovator and pioneer in the sector of in vivo testing, developing the idea of ​​an integrated service management for animal colonies directly at the costumers’ facility, employing its own properly trained staff, qualified and subject to periodic training and updating.

In 2011 Plaisant again takes an important and courageous  step for its future developing  the third phase of the company evolution at the Castel Romano facility. The current animal facility and the attached laboratories, which were inaugurated in 2002 for the biomedical research of the Fondazione San Raffaele Hospital in Rome, in 2011 was taken under management, saved and restored by Plaisant.

Today, again, we present us  as a reference center for housing of research animals, services for integrated research and assistance for third parties. The plant, which aims to be at the top of its category, is designed to be at the technological forefront in central and southern Italy and is built  according to national laws and European regulations, which want to ensure  the maintenance of the welfare and care of laboratory animals. It covers an area of ​​800 square meters and is equipped  with a conventional and a SPF area that are assisted by skilled personnel able to follow the researchers in the various fields of biomedical research. Furthermore a  limited access area of ​​quarantine is used for the acceptance and derivation of mouse lines. Also we created 3 rooms with different health status’, to allow surgical procedures in different areas (SPF, conventional and quarantine), available to be used by the investigators. The animals are housed in ventilated racks (IVC-ventirack) with cage change using HEPA "Changing Station" hoods.  In order to ensure the animal welfare in the facility it is delegated to a veterinarian who, together with the staff that takes care of the animals, is part of the welfare committee. Thanks to a careful health monitoring program (FELASA 2014), we guarantee the protection of experimental conditions. In addition to providing management and housing of wild-type and engineered mouse models, Plaisant Castel Romano offers various experimental support services e.g. genotyping, treatments, organ and blood sampling, isolation of embryos and gametes, health monitoring, derivation of mouse lines for eradication of pathogens and recovery lines at risk (embryo transfer), sperm cryopreservation service, a service to generate transgenic mouse models by  overexpression  of DNA exogenous to the zygote pronuclear microinjection in the generation of the transgene by injecting lentiviruses, model generation Knock-Out and Knock-In by electroporation of embryonic stem cells, the recombinant clone selection and injection into blastocysts to control the transmission of the first generation F1, or blastocyst injection of recombinant clone selected by the customer, logistics service import / export of animals (national and international), weekly transport service of biological material from various structures of users. 

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