TURNKEY SERVICESAnimal facility management

  • Flexible and modular management
  • Assistance for scientific and biotechnological innovation
  • Specialized taff
  • Enhanced Research Support Services
  • Reduction of logistics and organizational activities

The total or partial turnkey services management of the animal facility is tailored to the needs of the customer. Plaisant staff always works alongside and in collaboration with the client towards a synergistic collaboration, and through a management that can be either completely entrusted to Plaisant technicians, or by the division and sharing of roles and tasks tied to the requirements of the client and to internal research projects.


The animal facility management service is carried out by highly qualified and formed staff, according to the Decree Formation (of 05/08/2021 fulfilment of the DL 26/2014), to ensure the highest welfare standards for all of the maintenance operations of the housed animals.

Here is a partial list:

  • Cage change (frequency to be agreed)
  • Animal feeding
  • Control of water levels
  • Colonies management
  • Animal and environmental health monitoring
  • Washing and reconditioning of water bottles and cages
  • Daily cleaning of the animal facility
  • Periodic disinfections of all premises
  • Waste management in compliance with the current laws
  • Management of feed and bedding storages
  • Advices/services of the veterinarian in charge
We promote scientific and biotechnological innovation. We always support research and work in total synergy with the client.
Plaisant - Animal Facility - Roma - Stabulario
Plaisant - Animal Facility - Roma
Plaisant - Animal Facility - Roma