About us

WHO ARE WESince 1970, a run of excellence based on experience.

"United in the trust, we embrace the traditional values of honesty, certainty and flexibility. We face the challenges of the market with agility and without prejudice, change is adapting us to the circumstances continually."

Plaisant was born in the 70s, a project of doctor and researcher Professor Umberto Bellati. At the end of the decade he was joined by his assistant Marco Liberati, who in 1981 took over the company.

Plaisant pursue their journey, always attentive of their fundamental values. As a breeder and specialised supplier of highly selected rodents, it is asserted quickly in the reference market, guaranteeing homogeneous, reliable and reproducible studies.

Situated in the Parco Scientifico del Tecnopolo di Castel Romano, Plaisant offers a complete scientific and technical support for research in the biomedical field, when purchasers were supporting the companies and the institutes dedicating their adequate structure or that of a know-how specialised in the carrying out of some phases of experimentation.



First steps in the biomedical field

The company is born and, in little time, it plays a protagonist role in the field of biomedical research, as a breeder and specialised supplier of rodents both inbred and outbred.

After a period of planning, study and specialisation with renowned European Institutes of Research, Plaisant successfully proceeded with their breeding structure, importing colonies of foundation animals (ZFV, Hannover) and started to produce selected animals of high quality.

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Making advances in research with supplemented management of the animal stalling

Distinguished as a company to the vanguard in the experimentation in vivo, offering an innovative service of supplemented management of the stalling close to the location of the purchaser.
The staff, highly qualified and constantly up-to-date, take care of the animals, allowing partners/companies to focus exclusively on the scientific research.
The Plaisant priority is to offer complete support and seek to lighten the logistic tasks.

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Innovative Stalling Centre

We assume the management of the animal stalling planned for research in the biomedical field of the ex-Foundation San Raffaele of Rome inaugurated in 2002, unique to its kind while proposing itself as a centre for the stalling and services for third party accounts.


Reference point for the research

The possibility of property an operative site inside a factory as Breeder – Supplier and User has widened the action field crossing from the support by the experimentation to the management of the whole experimental process, provoking a growing interest in the scientific collaborations.

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Advanced molecule monitoring and tumour growth

Onsite research laboratories and acquiring IVIS SpectrumBL, thus expanding its expertise in luminescence and fluorescence for molecule monitoring.
This advanced instrumentation allows the analysis of the distribution of drugs and the non-invasive observation of the kinetics of tumour growth in live animals, in an ethical and conscious way.

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Enclosure for Zebrafish: Hospitality and Experimentation

The enclosure is equipped with the necessary equipment to accommodate and work with the Zebrafish species. In addition to the breeding, care and supply of this species, specific experimental procedures are also carried out.

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OUR HISTORYA state-of-the-art biomedical company since 1970.

Plaisant became, in a short time, a reference name in research and innovation.


Excellence in the management of enclosures and services


Innovation and quality in biomedical research


Leader in living experimentation and scientific support


A reliable partner for scientific research and development


Plaisant’s vision is to be a recognized leader in biomedical research, contributing significantly to the discovery and development of innovative solutions for human health.
Plaisant aims to be a reference point for the scientific community, providing high quality services and resources to promote advanced research and improve understanding of diseases and treatments.


Plaisant’s philosophy is based on a combination of scientific excellence, integrity and animal welfare. The company takes strides to conduct research ethically, respecting strict animal welfare standards and adopting best practices in the treatment of laboratory animals.
Plaisant believes that successful research requires a holistic approach in which animal care and scientific accuracy are harmoniously integrated.


Plaisant’s mission aims to facilitate and accelerate biomedical research by providing high quality services and innovative solutions. The company is committed to collaborating with researchers, academic institutes and pharmaceutical companies to provide high quality laboratory animals, state-of-the-art relaying facilities and personalised support services.
The Plaisant mission is guided by the will to contribute to the discovery of new treatments and therapies, improving the health and quality of people’s lives.

OUR PARTNERSSuccessful collaborations

Plaisant - Animal Facility - partner Aphad

TESTIMONIALSWhat Clients say about us

We have worked with Plaisant since 2015 on essential preclinical studies for the development of our vaccines. We, from our first interaction, appreciated the great professionalism and preparation of the whole staff across different roles and functions. The service that Plaisant offers is not only excellent on the question of animal wellbeing, and of the planning and execution of the procedures. We have been able to really benefit from the fundamental support offered in phases of drafting and approval of the Ministerial Authorisations, as well as the training to new staff who are to be inserted in the experimentation. All of it managed with remarkable competence and flexibility that prove to be precious for those concerned with preclinical research in Italy.
Stefania Capone
In Castel Romano, Takis and Plaisant have collaborated for the past 13 years and the two companies have developed the perfect synergy. The seekers and technicians of Plaisant always find the best solution for any technical questions and provide great support of the Scientific Projects. I recommend Plaisant as an ideal partner to carry preclinical activities out and to reach results of high quality in an effective and fast way.
Luigi Aurisicchio
Nouscom has benefited from the service of stalling managed by Plaisant for years. The stalling is well organised and functional; the technical staff is suitably formed, educated, and very available for any queries. The daily interactions between ourselves and the technical staff of the Plaisant stalling ensures a serene environment, limiting any potentially stressful situations to the animals and guaranteeing the constant monitoring of the state of well being of the animals being experimented on. All of this guarantees a reliable and reproducible execution of the experiments, which is a fundamental aspect for scientific research.
Morena D’Alise