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Ethical and conscious experimentation

CLEAR - TRANSPARENT - DIRECTEthical and conscious experimentation

Plaisant practices ethical and conscious in vivo experimentation, ensuring the best welfare for our animals and the accuracy in all of our results.
Immediate feedback and efficiency

MANAGEMENT - ORGANIZATIONImmediate feedback and efficiency

Plaisant's organizational management provides immediate feedback and flexible solutions for an effective and thorough collaboration.
Decision agility and swift solutions

PROBLEM SOLVINGDecision agility and swift solutions

Plaisant stands out for its readiness to address and solve problems with timely responses and immediate and efficient solutions.
Satisfaction and loyalty

EMOTIONAL CONNECTIONSatisfaction and loyalty

Plaisant creates an empathetic connection that generates confidence, ensuring total satisfaction through opportunities for interchange.
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WHO WE AREWith over 50 years of experience, we are rooted in values and ready for challenges.

Plaisant stands out for our uncompromising dedication to Responsible Research and ethical and conscious innovation.

Plaisant is an industry leader with over 50 years of experience.

We are committed to responsible research, respecting ethical values and animal welfare. Our uncompromising dedication ensures innovation, security and scientific progress, while promoting a transparent collaboration with our partner companies.

WHAT WE DOPioneers in Scientific Transformation since 1970

What we do is done with commitment, dedication and quality.

Animal Facility

Excellence in animal experimentation with care and respect.

Specialist services

Experience and expertise tailored around your scientific research.

Turnkey Projects

Turnkey projects management is designed to address the needs of the client.


Courses, Seminars and Workshops for Advancement in Research and Development.

Direct Management, Technical Support and Custom Training.

Plaisant - Animal Facility - Roma

TESTIMONIALSWhat clients say about us

Nouscom has utilized the animal facility services provided by Plaisant for many years. The animal facility is well organized and functional; the technical staff is suitably experienced, knowledgeable, and very responsive for any queries. Our daily interactions with the technical staff at the Plaisant animal facility ensures a serene environment, reducing any potential stress to the animals and ensuring the constant monitoring of the experimental animals’ well-being. Altogether, this guarantees a reliable and reproducible execution of the experiments, which is a fundamental aspect for scientific research.
Morena D’Alise
We have worked with Plaisant since 2015 on crucial preclinical studies for the development of our vaccines. From our very first interaction, we appreciated the great professionalism and preparation of the whole staff across different roles and functions. The service provided by Plaisant is not only excellent with respect to the animal well-being, but also for the timely planning and execution of the procedures. We really have been able to benefit from the fundamental support offered during the drafting and the approval of the required Ministerial Authorizations, as well as for the training of new staff to introduce to our experimentations. Everything is always managed with remarkable competence and flexibility, a precious collection of expertises that are invaluable for scientists involved in preclinic research in Italy.
Stefania Capone
Takis and Plaisant have collaborated for the past 13 years at the Castel Romano Scientific Hub, and the two companies have developed a perfect synergy over time. The researchers and technicians at Plaisant always find the best solution for any technical questions and provide great support for our scientific projects. I recommend Plaisant as an ideal partner to carry out preclinical research and to achieve high-quality results in an effective and quick fashion.
Luigi Aurisicchio